Author: The Organic Chemistry Tutor This math video tutorial provides a basic introduction into algebra. My Website: Amazon Store: Patreon: Subscribe: Here is a list of topics: 1. Adding and Subtracting Like Terms 2. Properties of …

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Ghost Algebra (excerpts)

Author: Janie Geiser Excerpts from Ghost Algebra Film by Janie Geiser Digital video (shot on 16mm film; finished on HD digital video) Sound collage: Janie Geiser 7:30 minutes 2009 Under erratic skies, a solitary figure navigates a landscape of constructed …

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Algebra Tibe!

Video source Algebra Tibe – If a girl only likes you 6 out of 10 she might just need to be tutored in math. Animation and voiceover by Sinbad Richardson original music by Prasun Lala. Video source